Our Story

At KhanTet, we are committed to ushering our clients into the age of data-based decision-making using digital platforms, advanced analytics and machine-learning. With a combined experience of over 35 years in technology - including digital transformation and a scientific approach- we have the ability to tackle challenges facing businesses today.

Our clients cover critical sectors that include oil and gas, electricity, water purification and agriculture. Our solutions enable digital transformation, advancing our clients to the next level of data-driven business decision-making. Our proven expertise using cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), software engineering and system architecture enables clients to gain a strategic advantage in an evolving industrial landscape.

Our Services

Digital Transformation

Transforming business by connecting data points and automating processes and services.

Machine Learning and Analytics

Analyzing business and consumer data to uncover meaningful insights.

Advanced Sensor Systems

Designing AI-enabled sensor systems for specialized industrial use-cases.

Due Dilligence

Technical due dilligence for commercial clients.

Our Team

Photo of Azer Khan

Azer Khan


Azer supports data and solution engineerings activities at KhanTet. He has two years of startup and Fortune 100 experience. Before joining KhanTet, he was a researcher at Siemens Corporate Technology (Princeton, NJ) where he worked on client acquisition (CEO Business Roundtable), competitor analysis and engineering. He has performed applied research in advanced sensor systems and Internet of Things (IoT) leveraging machine learning and data analytics resulting in software and hardware solutions that are actively deployed at coal and nuclear power plants in the US. Azer also has experience initiating multi-million dollar projects, guiding clients from project conception to technical design and signing.

Besides a passion for business, Azer is an equestrian (Western and English), has backpacked through Jordan and road-tripped NY to Seattle.

Photo of Babar Khan

Babar Khan


Babar helps set strategy, ensuring that KhanTet positions itself at the forefront of technology innovation. With over 10 years of experience across both academia and industry, Babar started his career as a scientist with a passion for business. Recently, he has been engaging with governments and venture capital funds focusing on technology assessment and investments in Biotech and Lifesciences.

Along with being co-inventor for 4 US Patents, Babar holds an BS in Environmental Biology, an MS in Clinical Biology, a certificate in Entrepreneurship from the Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Management and PhD in Bioscience from KAUST. Babar was inducted into the MIT Technology Review's "Innovators Under 35" in 2019.

Photo of Badar Khan

Badar Khan


Badar leads the Technology practice at KhanTet where he takes projects from ideation to deployment. With over 15 years of experience in leadership roles at both Fortune 100 and start-ups, Badar has led global teams of software developers to address complex industrial challenges. Badar is often called on to conduct technical due dilligence to support M&A transactions for Fortune 100 companies.

More recently, Badar served as a member of the executive team at Siemens Saudi Arabia, where he led the MindSphere Application Center as the Head of Technology.

Photo of Haidar Khan

Haidar Khan


Haidar leads machine learning and data visualization projects for our clients. As a machine learning and artificial intelligence expert, he has developed novel machine learning techniques for a multitude of domains. In collaboration with neurosurgeons at Mount Sinai Hospital, he designed smart algorithms for monitoring and predicting seizures. At IBM T.J. Watson Research Center and Siemens Corporate Technology, he designed algorithms using deep learning for industrial solutions for power grids. Haidar holds a PhD from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) and is working as a scientist at Amazon. He is currently focusing on AI in Natural Language Processing (NLP), teaching computers to understand text and speech.

Photo of Benoit Flammang

Benoit J.P. Flammang


Benoit J.P. Flammang is a Family Office investor and a serial entrepreneur focusing on strategic leveraged international business development. He spent the first five years of his career at IBM Belgium. In 1988, he moved to the US to restructure a money losing R&D/Manufacturing telecom company in Raleigh, NC, made it profitable and then structured and implemented a management buy-out. He created Beninvest in 1992 in New York for alternative investments. He raised money and did strategic business development for many companies and investment fund managers in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Japan. He is a frequent speaker at LP/GP, Family Office and Blockchain technology events. He was the 2016 Keynote speaker at the Arabian Venture Forum in Saudi Arabia. He has also spoken at Keio University in Tokyo about alternative investments.

Benoit was a partner in the establishment of the merchant bank of the Indian Hinduja Group in NY and an advisor to the Antwerp Diamond Bank for a private equity fund. He brought the first ever paying customer to Paul Graham of Y-Combinator fame to its Viaweb start-up, which became the Yahoo store. In 1994, he created, published, and distributed in 48 countries, the first English buyers guide in the world for new prestigious wristwatches. He sold the company in 2000, having the most email addresses in the world from collectors.

On a personal note, he crossed the Sahara in a VW-combi when he was 17, did NY-LA on the motorbike, is a car aficionado, airplane pilot, skier and runs at least 10 miles a week. He is fluent in English, Dutch/Flemish, French and conversational in German.

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